Observe the current conditions regarding the implementation of corporate tax obligations and the tight supervision carried out by the DJP over corporate taxes. And there is the potential for the DJP to ask for clarification every year regarding tax reporting that has been reported. So we, as a company operating in the field of tax management, bookkeeping and legal services (PT. GP Tax Consulting) propose and consider it necessary/urgent to prepare accounting books for all transactions carried out by companies, especially MSMEs. Thus, MSME companies have strong and legal data support in accordance with tax regulations referring to Article 28 paragraph (1) of Law Number 28 of 2007 Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 28 of 2007 concerning the Third Amendment to Law Number 6 of 1983 concerning General Provisions and Tax Procedures that “the obligation to maintain bookkeeping is corporate taxpayers in Indonesia. Based on the tax law considerations above, we offer to prepare bookkeeping/financial reports for MSME companies, manage periodic/monthly taxes, and BPJS Employment/Health, where the process of preparing financial reports is carried out using the financial program owned by PT Great Performance, and MSME companies There is no fee/free charge for using this financial program, so we only charge MSME companies for HR services for preparing financial reports and tax and BPJS services. The prices we offer are very competitive or very efficient/much cheaper compared to the cost of recruiting one accounting staff.

Tax Services Provided to MSMEs Every Month:

  1. Calculate and create Employee PPH 21 Tax Reports:
  2. Calculate and prepare Corporate Income Tax Report PPH 25/PPH Article 4 Paragraph 2
  3. Calculate and prepare PPH 23, 26 Tax Reports
  4. Calculate and create VAT Tax Reports
  5. Help issue E-Invoices and Billing IDs every time there is a transaction
  6. Calculate and report to BPJS Health and Employment
  7. Respond to every letter from the tax office
  8. Provide clarification directly to the tax office if there are tax problems regarding company period

Tax Bookkeeping Services Provided to MSMEs Every Month:

  1. Record every financial transaction in the financial reporting system
  2. Provide journal and General Ledger (GL) recording data
  3. Provide profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow data
  4. Benefits of Using Bookkeeping and Taxation Services:
  5. We provide a free financial reporting program
  6. Companies no longer need to pay accounting staff
  7. Company financial data is neat
  8. The company has valid supporting data in the event of an audit by the tax office
  9. Makes it easier for companies to apply for credit to banks or collaborate with business partners
  10. The company’s tax obligations are neat and avoid fines or even blocking by the Tax Office
  11. The obligation to report BPJS for workers is neat and avoids fines from the labor department
  12. In terms of costs the company has saved 50% of normal costs for managing bookkeeping, taxation and BPJS